Bob's Custom Meats
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Custom Cut Steaks
Our Custom Cut Steaks are aged to perfection! You choose the size and thickness of the steak, then we slice it right in front of you. Bob will even season them with the house seasoning!

Bob's Custom Meats Products
At Bob's Custom Meats we offer a wide variety of products, ranging from smoked to fresh products. We offer custom processing of both domestic and wild game animals. We offer on hand most all beef, pork, poultry and lamb/sheep cuts. Bob even has his own TOP SECRET blend of House Seasonings!
Any questions or to place an order please don't hesitate to give us a call!
Fresh Products 
  Our fresh products consist of 20+ flavors of 100% pork brats!

KABOBS - We offer Beef, Lamb, Mutton, pork and marinated chicken kabobs, all pre-seasoned with bacon! BEST SELLER!

We offer 8 different breakfast sausages, one for every pallet in the house. 

...And Many More, Bob's always dreaming up something New!

Smoked Products
At Bob's we have a full service smoker, we can smoke just about anything for you!
Bacon - 2 Flavors
Hams - 2 Flavors
Pork Loin
Dried Beef
Summer Sausage
7 - Kinds of Jerky
 Beef and Turkey
10 Flavors of 
  Beef Stix
Ring Bologna
Corned Beef
....Just to Name a Few...
House Seasonings
With tailored Seasonings
for every occasion and 
cut, Bob's is a one Stop
Shop for all your Meat Needs!
Bob's Special
Bob's w. Sea salt
Prime Rib Rub
Lemon Pepper
Chipotle Marinade

Pork Steak and Chop Rub
Bob's Bearnaise 
Au Jus
BBQ Rib Rub
Butter Garlic Seasoning